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  1. 2019 17th Annual International Tournament
  2. SFWPC has expanded to Pompano Beach
  3. Renew your USWP Memberships

Welcome to South Florida Water Polo Club

South Florida Water Polo Club’s purpose is to provide water polo training in the South Florida area and prepare athletes for high school, college and national level water polo competition. SFWPC seeks to benefit no particular high school or area over another and our purpose is simple: provide athletes a place to learn and play the game of water polo. As SFWPC has grown, we find that members of the club have diverse levels of ability, from beginners to former international level athletes. Our task is to bring all the differing skill levels and accompanying desires together into a unified program. Our greatest challenge is to provide an environment for learning that is both enjoyable for the newest athlete and challenging enough for our veterans. As our athletes progress we seek to provide ample opportunity for development so that each of our members may enjoy the sport.

2019 17th Annual International Tournament

The 2019 17th Annual International Tournament is around the corner! Is your team entered to compete yet? If not there is still time to register. Spaces fill up quick, first come first server. Are you interested or would like to see your team compete with teams from around the world? Contact MichaelĀ Goldenberg at for more…

SFWPC has expanded to Pompano Beach

Over the years our program has grown and we have expanded to a second pool for athletes from the Northern Broward area in Pompano Beach. The Pompano Beach Aquatic Center is located atĀ 820 NE 18th Ave, Pompano Beach, FL 33060. Practice times are Monday – Thursdays 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm and Saturdays 9:30 am…

Renew your USWP Memberships

Remember to renew your USWP Memberships for the 2019 season.