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  5. SFWPC has expanded to Pompano Beach

Water Polo Training in South Florida

Travel to South Florida and schedule a training or water polo camp with one of our age group teams or with one of our coaches!

Contact us for local hotel and transportation arrangements. We can schedule training, water polo clinics or games for your group at our world class training facility.

Please monitor our web site for summer International water polo camp information or tournament information.


12 and Under Boys and Girls Developmental Group
Advanced group with already some game experiences. All year around practices including Swimming and all the necessary basic conditioning, working on ball handling and learning the game by playing at local age group leagues and tournaments.

14 and Under Boys Team
Middle school age athletes are practicing 5 times a week all year around. They compete Locally and at National events.

Youth or Junior Girls and Boys
Advanced 15-18 years old Boys & Girls, learning higher level of water polo. Athletes compete in Tournaments and travel Internationally. Their Club season is from November – March ,then they are play in the county High school leagues between March – May. Summer Club season begins in May and runs thru middle of August. High school swimming season is from Sept. thru Oct.

Open/Senior/Masters Teams
Throughout Masters tourneys and Combined workouts with Junior teams, our club provides training opportunity all year around for those of you who passionate about the Sport, also the 5 times weekly workouts will maintain you in good physical condition. The club members are former European or
US College players. If you visiting town individually or with your team please contact us for training or games.

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